These are the official tag teams in BITW.

  1. The Dineo Bros (Jay and Ray)
  2. Charlie and Havoc
  3. The Cage Brothers (Alex and Johnny)
  4. The Novas (Alexander and Sean)
  5. The Internationalz (Dutch and Mexi)
  6. The Down Boyz (Tony and Steve)
  7. South Philly's Finest (Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi)
  8. The Midnight Sensations (Sam Shields and Chris Rockwell)
  9. Volcanic Rush (Magma and Ryan Rush)
  10. Johnny Thunder and Antonio "The Promise" Thomas
  11. The Prophecy (Jeremy Prophet and Nick Shepherd)
  12. Team Tackle (Gavin Gold, Richard Fox, and Curtis Goldsmith)