Devin Jones is a professional wrestler that is currently signed to BITW Wrestling.

Appearance Edit

Devin Jones has slightly long brown hair slicked back, and has brown stubble (facial hair). His wrists are taped in white tape and so are his fingers. He wears trunks with silver on one side and white on the other. He also wears black knee pads and black boots with Jones written on the sides in white.

Theme Edit

Wrestling Appearances Edit

  1. BITW Episode 1 (no contest vs. Jake Rogers)
  2. BITW Episode 2 (win vs. Jake Rogers)
  3. No Escape 2015 ([still to come] vs. C-RY, Chuck Payne, Ben McKenzie, Ryan King, and Jake Rogers)

Finishers Edit

  • Sit-out suplex slam
  • Kneeling Boston crab

Signatures Edit

  • Sling Blade
  • Dropkick, sometimes as a running front
  • Lifting inverted DDT
  • Double foot stomp
  • Figure 4 leg lock, sometimes in ring post
  • Multiple suplex variations:
    • German
    • Tiger
    • Northern lights
    • Full nelson
    • Belly-to-back
  • Corkscrew neckbreaker
  • Diving crossbody
  • Inverted facelock backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker slam
  • Double underhook backbreaker