This is the fifth episode of BITW! Today is July 10, 2015. The next episode shall be BITW Episode 6.

Results Edit

  • Jacob Cass def. Havoc in a Champion vs. Champion match after Havoc passed out in the Dragon Sleeper (14:38)
  • Max Danger def. Matt Harris after Harris tapped out to the Max Lock (7:29)
  • Dirty Money and Charlie def. Ryan King and The Dineo Bros (Jay and Ray) in a 2-on-3 handicap match after Money nailed the In the Bank on Ray (10:44)
  • Jim Akira def. Brad Hollister after Akira nailed a chokebomb (1:05)
  • The Cage Brothers (Alex and Johnny) def. The Internationalz (Dutch and Mexi) in a #1 contenders match after Johnny rolled up Mexi while pulling on the trunks (8:21)
  • Marlon Grays defeated Brian Young after he nailed Young with an Alabama Slam (5:32)
  • Chuck Payne and Devin Jones def. Jake Rogers and Gavin Gold after Jones and Payne delivered a Doomsday Device to Gold (21:56)