This is the second episode of BITW Wrestling! Today is June 19, 2015! The next episode is BITW Episode 3.

Results Edit

  • The Dineo Brothers (Ray and Jay) def. Charlie and Havoc via illegal rollup on Havoc by Jay when legal man is Ray (11:25)
  • Gavin Gold def. Brad Hollister via knockout after several Tackles (4:22)
  • Ben McKenzie def. Edward White via pinfall after Blackout (15:48)
  • DJ Williams def. Blake Broadway, Deadpool, and Tyler Justice in a Fatal-4 Way match where the winner meets Jacob Cass at No Escape via pinning Deadpool after Frog Splash on Deadpool (9:30)
  • Chuck Payne def. Harry Scott via Corkscrew Shooting Star Press (2:21)
  • Team Tackle (Richard Fox and Curtis Goldsmith) and Ryan King def. The Midnight Sensations (Sam Shields and Chris Rockwell) and Dirty Money via Kiss My Foot on Shields by King (12:00)
  • Devin Jones def. Jake Rogers in a Falls Count Anywhere match where the winner qualifies for the BITW Championship Elimination Chamber via submission by Figure 4 through steel post on Rogers (26:57)